New Friends

Shiki and friends beat Rogue Out and the fake Sister, and saves Rebecca and the B-Cubers from Illega's clutches. They barely make it out of planet Guilst just before it is swallowed by the "Chronophage". Witch and Sister have a happy reunion within the ship. Homura, who helped rescue Rebecca, finally discloses her true reasons for boarding the Edens Zero...

Sister Ivry

The "Chronophage" approaches the planet Guilst threatening the sheer existence of Shiki and his friends if they are swallowed by it. With only 60 minutes until its arrival, Happy and Witch panic. Meanwhile, a heated battle continues with a Rogue Out boy, Jinn, who uses an Ether similar to Shiki's. Sister joins the battle and has no qualms about using Jinn as a shield. Shiki is angered by the way Sister fights, but another "Sister" appears in front of them!

The Great Naked Escape

"Sister" appears before Shiki, Weisz, and Homura. Shiki attempts to admonish her misdoings as a member of the "Four Shining Stars", but Sister ignores him and sends her men to attack. Homura activates her Ether Gear "Soul Blade" to face the attack. Meanwhile, Rebecca and the other captured B-Cubers attempt to escape the Illega Tower.

Planet Guilst

Rebecca and other B-Cubers are taken prisoners by the mercenary gang Rogue Out, and discover that their boss is called "Sister". Meanwhile, Edens Zero dashes to save Rebecca, while Weisz comes back to the ship with a girl named Homura, who asks to board Edens Zero in exchange for rescuing Rebecca. With Homura, who uses Ether Gear, Shiki's group ventures on to the planet Guilst, known as a villains' den.

Wind Howls on the Highway

The space battleship "Edens Zero" finally shows its true form. Witch, one of the "Demon King's Four Shining Stars", says that the Edens Zero is the legacy of Ziggy, Shiki's foster guardian, and that Shiki should be the master of the ship as the next Demon King. She also says that all of the "Demon King's Four Shining Stars" need to be present so that Edens Zero can unleash its true power. Shiki's group visit Blue Garden once more in search of one of the Four Shining Stars, Sister.

Warship of the Demon King

Shiki and friends are captured on the space pirate Elsie's ship, the Skull Fairy. They fight creepy enemies in their attempt to capture this large ship, and reach the bridge where Elsie awaits. A fight between a skull-headed Elsie, who had been waiting for the "one inheriting the power of the Demon King" and Shiki ensues.
At the same time, the Interstellar Union Army's Justice and his fleet were closing in on the Skull Fairy and Elsie!

The Skull Fairy

Although Shiki's group was able to rescue Pino, they uncover puzzling information stating that the last person to conduct maintenance on Pino was Professor Weisz. As Weisz struggles to get away from the police and leave planet Norma, he boards the Aqua Wing. He asks to let him have the ship, his arm starts to shine with Ether Gear!

Clash!! The Sibir Family

Pino returns to Sibir, and is about to suffer the "consequences of leaving Sibir" before Weisz comes to save her just in time. Shiki's group also arrives at Sibir's hideout to save Pino. While Weisz attempts to take Pino and leave during this commotion, an enormous Knight Gear appears and a heated battle breaks out with Sibir's gang!

A Man Named Weisz

Shiki's group arrive at planet Norma, where time has gone back 50 years for some reason. They meet the younger counterpart of Professor Weisz, who saved Happy in the past. Naturally, Weisz has no recollection of Rebecca or Happy, and the group, who wanted Weisz to provide them with a spaceship, is let down. What is more, Weisz is being chased by the outlaw Sibir family!


The popular B-Cuber Labilia appears in front of Shiki and Rebecca, who have been able to rescue Happy. Labilia taunts Rebecca for having fewer channel subscribers, causing Shiki to make a scene for "making his friend cry". The space pirate Elsie and her gang also arrive looking for Shiki, causing a commotion on Blue Garden.

A Girl and Her Blue Cat

Shiki leaves his planet with Rebecca and Happy and arrives at the planet Blue Garden, where adventurers gather. The group visits the Shooting Starlight adventurers' guild, where Shiki is mesmerized by the hologram of "Mother", a mysterious lifeforce existing somewhere in the universe. She is worshipped as a "deity that will fulfill wishes "but Shiki has a feeling that they have met before. It is then when outlaws kidnap Happy!

Into the Sky Where Cherry Blossoms Flutter

The kingdom of Granbell is a robot theme park, where everything is a machine! Rebecca and her buddy Happy are the first visitors in 100 years. They meet a human boy, Shiki, and are initially baffled by his interest in other "humans", but hit it off in time. However, that night, something odd happens to the machines in Granbell...!