A woman somewhere in the universe, grander than the planets.
Her reason for being is unknown and there is only one eyewitness report.
Called the mother of all people, 'Mother'. Before one knew, she became worshipped among all adventurers.

Shooting Starlight

The large-scale adventurers guild established on the planet Blue Garden in Space Year X442.
At Shooting Starlight, everyone is able to enroll as adventurer. Adventurers use this place as a base for – of course – enrolling as an adventurer but also for other services such as job mediation and so forth.

Within this spacious facility, the hologram of the mysterious existence called 'Mother' is projected and it functions as symbol for Shooting Starlight.

Ether Gear

A power from the Dark Ages that displays special abilities, possessed by having Ether flowing through the body.
The awakening ability is different per person and a particular pattern is engraved in the body of the owner.
The pattern changes by using the ability and it seems that the ability itself might also change.

There are still many mysteries about acquiring this ability and people in who Ether suddely activated or who acquired it through hard work also exist.


A super-gigantic monster bigger than the planets.
Planets whose time was 'devoured' by this monster, have their time rewinded.

If time is rewinded, it does not affect the present but instead creates two histories at the same time, bringing disorder to the universe. Chronophage is feared as 'a great calamity to the cosmos'.